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T-Puse & Guy Maayan – Going To Mars [2030]

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2030 Music returns for their third release, welcoming T-Puse & Guy Maayan for their debut collaboration. The former, hailing from Tel Aviv lays claim to releases on Pipe & Pochet and Lump Rec where his deep, organic sound has flourished. Also hailing from Tel Aviv is Guy Maayan, whose cross cultural creations have found a home on Supplement Facts and Whirling Wolf. Now coming together for the first time, T-Puse and Guy present their 'Going To Mars' EP alongside remixes from Dor Reuveni and KWAD.

The meeting of two creative minds has once again proved to be quite fruitful here. The title selection is decidedly futuristic, which is in fact the ethos of the EP. A clever blend of progressive grooves and exotic drums make for a highly rhythmic and uniquely quirky six minute journey. As the first act unfolds plucky hooks work perfectly with the spacious groove, before segueing into a captivating vocal narrative. Instantly recognizable, it should make for a stellar dance floor reaction, and the musical finale is absolutely gorgeous. The companion piece 'Gogel Moge' follows a similar sonic ethos and sits as a perfect complement to it's predecessor. It's indie-esque vibe is immediately apparent through nostalgic acid lines and funk filled bass tones. Clustered motifs trail through the framework before the lead line gets unleashed. Trippy and groovy in all the right ways, it is another vocal narrative which highlights the break, bringing mystery and intrigue before perfectly setting the stage for a brilliant display of programming during the final act.

The first interpretation of 'Going To Mars' is provided by one of the 2030 bosses Dor Reuveni, who returns to the label for his third appearance. The Israeli artist appeared on the labels's first two releases while also showcasing his music on Lonya's Asymmetric Recordings and Magnitude Recordings. Now presenting just his second ever remix, Dor puts a dramatic twist on 'Going To Mars'. It’s warm beats, perfectly contoured bass and detailed percussion unite for a tight rhythmic core. Organic drums and acid stabs add further fuel to the rhythmic fire, before eventually shifting energy into a quirky lead and that familiar vocal narrative. Playing out across the main break, the haunted tones eventually get washed away into a spaced out arp and chunky groove for a powerful finale.

Rounding out this all Israeli release are KWAD who provide the second and final interpretation of 'Going To Mars'. Hailing from Tel Aviv, Osher and Chagai make up the KWAD (Kids With a Dream) duo and have been perfecting their craft for the last six years. It's been a unique path which has ultimately led them to focus their creative energy on melodic techno. Now making their 2030 debut KWAD deliver an inspired take on 'Going To Mars'. Exuding warmth, atmosphere and organic design, the Tel Aviv resident’s unique sonic blueprint carries you on an ever evolving seven minute journey. Drawing on the sensibilities from the original, while adding distinct tonal themes, ethereal design and a flair for the dramatic, KWAD makes this a great complement to the previous two versions. A brilliant rendition from the Israeli duo, which rounds out another exceptional release for 2030 Music. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2nfEQ6r

Release Date: 25-09-2019

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