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Subconscious Tales – Ramya / Evernia [Subtales]

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Subconscious Tales launches his new Subtales imprint with a two track artist EP. The Latvian producer has been relatively quiet this year with just an EP for Proton Music and a remix for Massive Harmony added to his discography. Not uncommon however, it's essentially how the Valmiera resident's career has gone and why the demand for his music has always been so high. Now starting his own imprint he showcases two of his latest studio creations 'Ramya' and 'Evernia'.

The EP’s first selection 'Ramya' finds Subconscious Tales crafting a deep and sultry creation which sets the tone for the release. Meticulously produced, the piece begins with warm punchy beats, finely tuned drums and a wide array of wondrous effects. Groovy and haunting in equal measure, it’s a spiritual nine minute journey, showcasing heady motifs and astral designs, while a perfectly contoured low end keeps the journey pulsating with anticipation. As it's fluid cadence builds so to does chromatic warmth, in the form of timely overlays, which continue to drive the narrative as clustered tones and layers of percussion saturate your senses.

The release concludes with ‘Evernia’ which is just as detailed and thus equally impressive. On a backbone of rugged bass stabs comes indistinct vocals, trippy designs and meditative arps. The clap really stands out, incredibly distinct and fresh sounding, it adds dynamic flair to what are quite psychedelic surroundings. Not without emotive moments, a shimmering overlay carries into the break for an interlude of effervescent warmth, perfectly setting up an otherworldly finale. It rounds out two incredibly creative cuts from Subconscious Tales, who has gotten his Subtales imprint off to a very auspicious start. Can't wait to see what comes next. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2PvqWY4

Release Date: 12-12-2019

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