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Sturge – What Were The Skies Like When You Were Young [Musique de Lune]

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Musique de Lune opens the summer season by welcoming Sturge to the label for his debut single. Hailing from Ireland but now calling the UK home, Sturge has been promoting electronic music events across Europe and beyond for many years; from Belfast to Burning Man and London to Berlin. As a DJ first, the London resident is as comfortable playing anything from downbeat to techno, but his eclectic sets usually veer towards emotive and driving melodic techno - emotion is paramount in all his selections and taking the listener on a journey is always the intention. As much a regular in the underground scene as he is on some of main the stages in London and at Burning Man, he has shared the stage with the likes of Be Svendsen, Moonwalk, Guy J, Guy Mantzur, Sabo, and YokoO, amongst others. Now, looking to make his mark as a producer, Sturge makes his Musique de Lune debut with 'What Were The Skies Like When You Were Young', alongside remixes from JFR, Dabeat and Tom Banner.

Although most won't be familiar with Sturge as a producer he's delivered one of this year's finest breaks tracks in 'What Were The Skies Like When You Were Young'. For a genre that receives little fanfare these days this is a track which can add some magical moments to any night and with a very recognizable Orb sample you're sure to turn a few heads. Concise and well produced, it's shuffled beats, soulful instrumentation and thought provoking vocal samples amalgamate perfectly for a dancefloor delight, one that is likely best suited to the daytime or morning hours, and most certainly an after party scenario as well.

An expansive package of remixes is led by Musique de Lune label manager and Secret Feelings boss JFR. The Argentina born, Spain based artist provides one of his best remixes of the year, injecting a cross-genre style into the piece for a greater sense of dancefloor dynamics and organic musicality. Reprocessed vocals, whimsical arps and buzzing tonal tension all find their moments across this seven minute journey, not the least of which is a goosebump worthy break that delivers all the drama and anticipation you could want without going to far.

Next up and returning to the label is Dabeat who arrives for his second Musique de Lune appearance following impressive projects for Global Underground, LuPS Records and Sprout. The Colombian artist delivers two versions of 'What Were The Skies Like When You Were Young', beginning with the 'Groovy' interpretation. Aptly titled, the Colombian talent focuses on a housed up, swing heavy feel which works amazingly well, and does so without sacrificing any of the strong musicality from the original. Meanwhile, the 'Soulful' version focuses more on the primary musical themes, translating them beautifully as arpeggiated sequences and soulful strings unite for a bevy of transcendent moments.

The release concludes with Tom Banner also making his label debut following releases for Cafe De Anatolia, Kognitiv Records and Mango Alley's Maldesoule affiliate. Although only laying claim to three discography credits since making his debut in October of last year, the Barcelona resident has already found a place in the organic house underground. Continuing to build on that momentum, Tom provides a deep exotic sounding rendition of 'What Were The Skies Like When You Were Young', complete with key changing grooves, playful melodic fragments and a deconstructed take on the vocal elements which adds a childlike quality to round out the release on a feel good note. Highly recommended.

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Release Date: 12-07-2023

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