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Stan Kolev & Morttagua – Ainanna [Timeless Moment]

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For this very special 150th release, Timeless Moment brings the long awaited collaboration from absolute Progressive House legend Stan Kolev and label boss Morttagua in “Ainanna”.

“Ainanna” is an Alien species that had their first recorded visit on Earth in the year 1235 BC in Japan. They come from the constellation of Gemini and have had permanent bases on Mars for thousands of years, where they mine some sort of a gold-like material. The members of this race are the cause why Humans coined the term "Martians".

In this collaboration, Stan Kolev brought his trademark bass lines, percussion groove, synth sound design and atmospheric elements, while Morttagua brought his well-known infectious plucks, melodic riffs and pad harmonies. The use of ethnical vocals, of course, was a must in this collaboration, as both artists are known for the love for this element in their sound. Together they bring “Ainanna”, a peak time dance floor progressive track, hypnotic, powerful, introspective and timeless.

Buy: bit.ly/3NQ7WkR
Release Date: 11-11-2022



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