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Soulmade (AR) – Sub-Zero [SLC-6 Music]

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D.J. MacIntyre's SLC-Music rounds out the month of July by welcoming Soulmade back to the label for his first artist EP. Based in Rosario, Nahuel V aka Soulmade has gained considerable momentum since adopting the Soulmade moniker in 2020. A well-received debut via Just Movement would lead to standout projects for Deepwibe Underground, Droid9, Strangers Beats, Univack and more, across the next three calendar years. Having made his SLC-Music debut last year with a contribution to the label's SIX: Stage-14 collection, Soulmade now makes a welcome return with 'Sub-Zero', alongside remixes from Fabri Lopez and Federico Flores.

Lead track 'Scorpion' finds Soulmade operating at the peak of his creative powers, as he lets squelchy stabs and astral sonics descend over thunderous grooves and rolling percussion. Bringing even greater tension across the break, it's a wall of trippy effects and distorted harmonics which ultimately set the stage for a timely crescendo and epic finale. Meanwhile, title track 'Sub-Zero' goes for a deep and heady approach, as ravey chord stabs and panning effects steal air, while a chunky, swing-heavy groove keeps the psychedelic storyboard firmly on the dancefloor.

Returning to the label for the lone interpretation of 'Scorpion' is Fabri Lopez who is best known for his releases via Hoomidaas, Mango Alley and Nick Warren's The Soundgarden. Always an excellent remixer, Fabri brings more of a groove-centric vibe to 'Scorpion'. With an emphasis on rhythm and melody, the Argentine crafts a version which sits in a deeper cosmic space and should fare well on the morning dancefloors out there. The release concludes with Federico Flores returning to the label for the lone interpretation of 'Sub-Zero'. Fresh off the February release of his 'Big Bang' EP, the La Rioja resident rounds out the release in style, with a smooth hypnotic rendition which makes great use of panoramic motifs and evolving effects to create an intoxicating dance floor moment.

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Release Date: 21-07-2023

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