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Somelee – Galatea [Magician On Duty]

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Somelee makes an impressive debut on Magician On Duty with 'Galatea'. Hailing from Kharkov and also known as Lessovsky to progressive music fans, the Ukrainian artist recently coined the Somelee alias to focus on the deeper spectrums of house. Less than a year into his journey, Somelee has already notched releases on Akbal Music, Sol Selectas and Kindisch. Now landing on Magician On Duty he presents a new two track EP alongside a remix from Yarni.

Kicking off with the title and showcase piece, Somelee explores organic design and charming musicality. From stripped and punchy beginnings comes elegant atmospheres and redolent tones, slowly descending over a spacious groove and organic drums. As the narrative evolves so too does its emotive appeal, with smooth chord changes and strummy motifs trailing over the framework, before a sentimental break smoothly segues into a buoyant and playfully percussive final act. The companion piece follows a similar sonic ethos to it's predecessor. Coming in smooth, it’s a deep, soulful and delightfully charming seven minute journey. Elegant themes and wispy atmospheres adorn what is a sultry, irresistible groove; while exotic percussion and gorgeous chimes provide the perfect energy bridge into a finale of tranquil chord changes and heartfelt sonics.

The release concludes with Yarni making his label debut and providing the lone interpretation of 'Galatea'. The UK artist provides a unique perspective, taking a cue from the original and upping the tempo for more of a progressive minded take on the track. Robust rhythms and a well carved low end make for a lively core, perfectly playing off those elegant elements from the original, while the break brings all the nostalgic, feel good moments you could ever want. A great remix from Yarni, rounding out another excellent offering from Magician On Duty. Don't miss it.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2L4hvNj

Release Date: 23-08-2019

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