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Soma Soul Feat. Ed Begley – The Sound Of The Athabasca River (Undercatt Remix) [Fayer]

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A while ago, Francesco (Soma Soul) had the chance to visit Canada. He loves to get inspired by cold, rural areas and landscapes. So he felt like exploring and found that magic place after driving almost 300 kilometers from Banff to Jesper National Park: an amazingly beautiful area. Even though the roads were covered, he got off the car and walked further - and finally was rewarded with a wonderful view of a lake and a waterfall - the Athabasca River!

It is surrounded by beautiful mountains and forests - and Francesco immediately knew that he wanted to capture this moment and honor it with a hint on one of his next EPs.
It seems like that spark of inspiration lasted until he was back in Switzerland: “back home, I tweaked my prophet6 buttons and created this moving bassline, layered it with the same sound in the higher key and was really happy with how it sounded as he wanted to (re-)create these acoustics or feelings between the mountains of reverberation”.

When Francesco sent the idea to his musical soulmate Ed Begley, he knew that he would be a perfect fit for this one.

First time Lehar was listening to the original version he felt touched by the lyrics and the beautiful voice of the singer.

Italian duo Undercatt immediately fell in love with the original vocal, inspiring, melancholic, the right vibe they usually like to work with. “We did our best to follow it, creating the right atmosphere, a story that builds up to the climax as a sequence of emotions and then comes back, bringing you back to the original status. We imagine the people listening to this on a car trip wandering around, or as an effective closing track for an emotional dj set."

Buy: bit.ly/3yiXzOo
Release Date: 21-05-2021



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