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GIZV – Walk Under The Moon EP [Polyptych]

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The latest release from Polyptych welcomes GIZV to the label for his first ever release. Hailing from Russia, Ruslan Gizatulin aka GIZV has been honing his skills as a DJ and producer for several years. With a sound that embodies positivity and emotion, GIZV now makes his much anticipated debut with a two track showcase entitled 'Walk Under The Moon'.

Beginning with 'Can I Dream', GIZV flexes the progressive inspired side of his studio repertoire. Musical and groovy in equal measure, it's warm key changing foundation and spirited vocal elements set the stage for a playful lead melody. Executed with precision and care, it's poignant nature carries well across the first act, eventually leading to a piano led break which serves as the journey's centrepiece. It's quiet calm and charming musicality draws you in for moments of reflective warmth as the groove drops for a joyous finale.

The companion piece ‘Walk Under The Moon’ not only serves as the title selection but continues the impassioned vibes of it's predecessor. Muted beats, warm overlays and clattering percussion make for a intro filled with anticipation, eventually opening up as punchier beats drop and musical themes come alive. Nostalgic refrains are the order of the day here, played out beautifully across a break highlighted by cascading pianos and vibrant harmonics. Much like 'Can I Dream', the centrepiece acts as a tranquil bridge into a finale that is tastefully euphoric. It's feel good nature is the perfect way to cap off an inspired debut from GIZV, an artist who you're bound to be hearing a lot more from in the future. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/3vb7kw8

Release Date: 21-05-2021

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