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SKALA – Flimmer (Matchy Remix) [Beyond Now]

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BEYOND NOW proudly welcomes SKALA to the label. Her Glimpse EP on BEYOND NOW interacts with the subject of time in an intense musical way: Moments go by hectically, driven by adrenaline, the atmosphere shimmers in ecstasy. En contraire the inner ticking, lost in time itself. The consitent ticking of the clock reminds of being existant and occures reality. The EP deals with the excerpts and moments of life in which time is relative and where each part differs in meaning. "Flimmer" and "The time traveler's watch" are tracks which couldn't be more contrary but overall fade together in the flow of time.

The labelhead of BEYOND NOW, MATCHY contributes his very own interpretation of time and space with an ecstatic remix.

We create a state of mind that exceeds the moment, time- and spaceless. Live in the present but create beyond now!

Buy: bit.ly/3mxkb7F
Release Date: 11-12-2020



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