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Ivory – Light Through Water [microCastle]

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microcastle's third offering of 2020 welcomes Ivory back to the label for a new EP. Based in Milan, Italian artist Daniel Tagliaferri aka Ivory brings a surreal beauty to his innovative brand of electronic composition. As a perpetual favourite of Adriatique, Ame, Dixon, Lehar, Tale Of Us, Toto Chiavetta and Trikk, Ivory made his microcastle debut in July of last year with 'No Scale Can Resize You'. Rising to #1 in Beatport Indie Dance and Melodic House & Techno, the release received praise from both his contemporaries and fans alike. Carrying momentum forward, 2020 has yielded significant creative successes for Daniel. The release of 'Dreamers' via Innervisions and 'Hold Your Breath' via Multinotes have proven to be two of the year's most well received tracks. Now fresh off a remix for L.K.F Project via AZZUR, Ivory makes a welcome return to microcastle with 'Light Through Water'.

As a much-requested track from Ivory's sets, it is the arcane wonder 'Time Lapse' which gets the EP underway. Rhythmically buoyant, it's rippling low end, kaleidoscopic synths and fiery percussion set the release on a course for aural enlightenment. Although best known for his warmer, musical prowess; it is the wintry quality of 'Quartz' which follows, placing Ivory in the unique spot of also being able to craft starker, more rhythmic compositions. A highlight in the sets of Trikk, it's peculiar blend of titanium kicks, icy refrains and hypnagogic synthscapes set the stage for the robust muscularity of 'Steam Machine'. A recent favourite of Toto Chiavetta, this austere, machine-funk delight appears to be set for dance floor destruction.

Moving forward yet stripping things back are the hypno grooves of 'Minderals'. Another creation championed by Trikk; it's slow burning drawl, percussive splashes and pyrotechnic synth design are perfect for the more astute connoisseur. The twisted echoes which lurk in 'Minderals' are decayed further still on the following number 'Eufrat', a track where Ivory's elastic grooves and metallic sonics are set against a backdrop of pixie-like effects.

Trending towards the grandiose is the title selection 'Light Through Water'. Pitched somewhere comfortably between dreamy reverie and symphonic bliss, it's a piece equally at home above a festival skyline or sitting in the emotional sweet spot of an end of the night scenario. Captivating and poignant in equal measure, it's widescreen nature tastefully melts down into the fluid tranquility of 'Arpstairs'. Ivory flexes his borderless versatility here, as notes ring out into timeless suspension, while a gentle flurry of arpeggiated tones sweep their way across a bed of broken rhythms.

Ivory's multifaceted 'Light Through Water' is a set of bold, synthesizer symphonies; a seven-act story showcasing a special talent whose unique sonic aesthetic continues to flourish.

Buy: bit.ly/3ol67P4
Release Date: 11-12-2020



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