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Pandhora – Reveries [Art Vibes Music]

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Subconsciousness, imagination and dreams are recurrent themes the duo Pandhora questions through their creations. Their latest EP, 'Imaginary Crossroads' is no exception as it explores the thin line between dreams and reality, and how they interact through memories. This 3-track mind travel ventures through colorful soundscapes. Featuring hypnotic guitar riffs, psychedelic synth melodies and powerful bass lines, it yet has a sensitive and authentic approach to it. It is also a special release as it marks a new path the duo wishes to follow: freeing themselves from the conventions while shaping a more progressive and club-oriented sound.

Opening the EP, 'Reveries' has been the closing track of Pandhora's 'Deep Psychedelia' Live Act since 2018. To create its emotional impact, it relies on euphoric guitar licks, a deep growling bass line, and evolving organic textures. As every mind quest starts with thoughts wandering around, `Reveries' aims at portraying how these loose thoughts can shift consciousness smoothly. A means of transport into an imaginary world, slipping away from cold reality towards bright and comforting surreal horizons.

The following track 'Memories' is uplifting, dreamy and filled with silky sounds and soothing melodies. It features the vocalisations of jazz singer Sanguinello who has been a long time collaborator of the French duo. In contrary to dreams, memories are rooted in reality. They are some sort of photographed experiences the mind enjoys to replay, mostly in order to recreate emotions from the past. Through this piece, the duo aims to unfold that rush of adrenaline one can feel within a joyful souvenir.

With its singular format 'Castle In The Sky' closes this EP with grace and style. Its abstract composition illustrates the merging of these two states of mind, when dreams and memories blend to create a deep feeling of calmness and uplifting melancholia. On a more personal note, the track is also a tribute to Mobi, a lovely golden retriever who briefly shared Pandhora's daily life and abruptly passed away in 2019.

Floating Consciousness includes remixes from Rasi Z and Rapossa. Their reshapes enrich the duo's creation by opening it up to new interpretations. Vancouver-based producer Rasi Z re-arranged 'Memories' into a flawless dance track, making use of his delicate sound design skills while Russian rising artist Rapossa produced a disco flavored remix of 'Reveries', emphasizing on retro synthesized sounds and electronic drums.

Buy: https://avm058.fanlink.to/imaginary-crossroads
Release Date: 14-12-2020



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