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Sergei Spatz – Amorous on You [Clinique Recordings]

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Sergei Spatz makeshis Clinique Recordings debut this week with a brand new single. The Russian artist is coming off releases on Ghost Digital and Lamp where he delivered some of his best work this year. Now stepping up for his most anticipated single he presents ‘Amorous on You’ alongside remixes from Ewan Rill and Alfonso Muchacho.

Known for his pure progressive sound Sergei continues to appease the genre’s ever growing contingent of fans with ‘Amorous on You’. It’s galloping drive and clattering percussion sound tailor made for a main room dance floor while a variety of clever hooks only add to it’s rhythmic flair. The main break elevates the mood further with a gorgeous melodic build, culminating with a smooth apex and classy drop.

An all-star remixer cast completes the release with Alfonso Muchacho continuing to deliver excellent work. The UK based artist ups the tempo a touch while anchoring the framework with a fuller and ultimately smoother groove. The melodic elements have been reprocessed beautifully, for a less distinct and more powerful, ethereal mood. It’s particularly evident during a well crafted break which is bound to raise a few goosebumps across it’s one minute excursion.

The release concludes with progressive house savent Ewan Rill who goes one step further with a fiery peak time version. The Russian artist packs warmth, drive, free flowing harmonics and a myriad of enlightening atmospherics for the ultimate melodic wave. As with most Ewan Rill productions it’s also incredibly precise, clocking in at under seven minutes and primed for dance floor destruction. It caps off a great release from Clinique recordings who follow their excellent ‘Acid Drama’ release from a few weeks back with another winner here. Don’t miss it.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2Piwofa

Release Date: 27-08-2018

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