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Sander Chan & Alexis Tyrel – The Waves [Lessismore]

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The latest release from Lessismore finds Alexis Tyrel back in the spotlight with a brand new collaboration. The Dutch artist has been a fixture of the electronic underground for over two decades. Originally releasing and touring under his given name of Gideon, the Lessismore label boss adopted the Alexis Tyrel moniler upon returning to the scene after a seven year hiatus. His fresh, cross pollinated style has reached a wide spectrum of music fans while also being remixed by a long list of elite talent, most notably Gui Boratto, Funk D’Void and Hernan Cattaneo. Hailing from Eindhoven, Sander Chan is one of the Netherlands freshest electronic talents. His ‘Machine’ club nights have a set a precedent for modern techno music and now he teams up with industry veteran Alexis Tyrel for their much anticipated ‘The Waves’ collaboration.

Coming across two versions, it’s the ‘Night’ Mix which leads the release off. Dark and deliberate from the outset it’s a piece which carries a large presence. Corky beats and a pulsating low end get adorned with dynamic claps and squelchy lines, the latter of which adds a fiery feel heading into the break. Tension and drama are at a premium here, building subtly as buzzing tones and a wave of noise sparks an impactful drop and exhilarating finale.

The ‘Day’ Mix is a touch lighter in feel yet still quite commanding in delivery. A fuller percussive complement comes in waves, highlighting the first act as cinematic pads descend over the framework, ultimately leading to an emotive break. Perhaps ideally suited to a large arena, it’s a smooth centrepiece, complete with a classy yet powerful reentry where new rhythmic themes and fresh tonal designs seal it’s brilliance. It rounds out two brilliant versions from Alexis and Sander who seem to have developed a unique studio synergy with ‘The Waves’. Electronic music fans can only hope this will be the first of many collaborations. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2P17u89

Release Date: 02-11-2018

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