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RUSKAR – Amazônia [Sol Selectas]

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Sol Selectas is a record label that has been instrumental in the growth of organic house and its associated genres such as Afro house.

Run by Sabo, the Sol Selectas roster includes music from the likes of UNDERS, Satori and Be Svendsen to name only few of the many iconic artists who have featured on the record label. The imprint is often a springboard that either launches someone’s career or helps take them to the next level.

RUSKAR is one such example of the above statement, as he is an aspiring talent from Brazil who is making his debut on Sol Selectas following only a handful of prior releases.

The two-track Afro house EP titled ‘Amazônia’ showcases RUSKAR to be an exciting artist and it seems likely we are to hear a lot more from over the coming months and years.

The release is opened by the title track “Amazônia” which has jackin’ tribal percussion that forms a foundation of the groove. Its bassline adds a nice offbeat flow that is layered with panpipes and atmospheric sounds that transport the listener to the humidity of a jungle.

“Resistência” is a percussive track with springy synth textures and a hypnotic melody that is combined with shamanistic vocal chants to make a mystical track that’s full of slender.

Overall, it’s a very well-produced release that provides great inspiration, we are excited to hear more from RUSKAR, and you can buy a copy from HERE.


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