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Binaryh – Sagan [UNSEEN Recordings]

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We are proud to be releasing the well-awaited UNS006 with the talented Binaryh.

“In the Immensity of Time" — as it is titled — tells the story of a celestial odyssey, a collision of mind against heart in the vastness of space, a light glimpsed in the deepest darkness. Through sound, Binaryh captures the moment when two becomes one, in the simplest of ways.

This EP is a dual tale told from two sides, starting off with "Sagan" and its rhythmic energy. Like a searchlight, the track wanders through foreign sounds and deep percussions, building euphonic momentum and seeking harmony in the void.

The answer to this burning call comes through the track "Druyan", which beautifully glides between a floating sense of peace and high-intensity peaks, with rolling waves of hard-hitting bass tying them together.

Like their brilliant namesakes (Carl Sagan & Ann Druyan), these two tracks work in tandem to find meaning in nothingness, orbiting around each other in a frenzied dance.

Citizen Kain’s remix of "Sagan" comes to complete this stellar narrative with a resounding sign-off. The vibrating, haunting track brings the EP to an end with a dark undertone and a driving tempo that unfolds with purposeful tension.

Give it a listen and embark on an obscure trek through outer space and an astral love for the ages.

Buy: bit.ly/3N5Ewk4
Release Date: 07-06-2023



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