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Roumie – Fragment EP [Polyptych]

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Presenting his first ever release, Roumie debuts on Polyptych with his 'Fragment' EP. As a DJ in his Russian homeland, Roumie has been honing his studio skills for some time. With a sound that drifts from melodic house and techno all the way through to organic house, he now now presents his first and much anticipated productions via Polyptych.

Beginning with the 'Last Message' Roumie explores a deep and enchanting narrative that is replete with reflective qualities. As a warm, groovy creation that’s sure to get your dance floor moving there is a lot to like here. Smooth and free flowing from the outset, it's subtle shades and tones are a delight for the senses, anchored perfectly by a wall of melodious bass and accented with two heartfelt breaks which delivering it's impassioned message beautifully.

'How You Are' continues the nostalgic emotions with an even larger musical presence. There's something quite cinematic about this one, almost Han Zimmer like at points with it's symphonic swells and grandiose melodies. A perfectly constructed framework is what makes it work so well though, tough beats combined with a strong percussive cadence fuel the narrative throughout, while a wave of trance-like arps keeps it firmly in melodic house and techno territory.

Rounding out the release is 'Fujian' which shifts the mood into slightly deeper waters. The tempo comes down just a touch and the production offers more of an organic quality, most notably in the kick and drums. As the most sentimental sounding of the three it proves to be the perfect creation to bookend the collection. Whimsical in nature, its fluttery melodic concepts and soulful strums captivate across the first act, before a ninety second break provides an air of tranquillity and smooth bridge to a glowing conclusion. It caps off a gorgeous EP from Roumie, making for a brilliant Polyptych debut and adding to Russia’s growing list of progressive music talents. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/3drPixV

Release Date: 02-04-2021

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