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Redspace & Dajals – Stratosphere [Soundteller Records]

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Deersky's Soundteller Records opens the month of August by welcoming back Redspace alongside label debutante Dajals for a new EP. Hailing from Russia and Chile respectively, both Redspace and Dajals have made their mark on the electronic underground through successful solo productions. The duo's combined discography is highlighted by releases via Franco Albertini, Juicebox Music, Univack and more. Having collaborated previously on a four-track showcase for UNCLES MUSIC, Redspace and Dajals now combine their extensive forces once again for Soundteller and the five-track EP entitled 'Stratosphere'.

Title track 'Stratosphere' opens the EP in large fashion and aims squarely for the dancefloor with it's tough, rolling beats, sweeping sonics and gentle melodies. Phasing overlays and clattering percussion add nicely to the track's sense of space across the first movement, while a break of manipulated arrays and warm synth swells sets the stage for a soaring finale. 'Sagittarius' follows and keeps that same atmospheric energy with punchy kick drums, bright percussion and a lovely array of effects and fragmented vocals. Colourful synth phrasing and riding percussion makes for a break that is both emotive and mesmerizing, nicely melting down into a tasteful drop for a meditative finale.

'Paradises' lands concisely at under six minutes and uses a series of warm overlays and soulful vocal elements for a nostalgic progressive vibe not miles away from Anjunadeep circa 2010. Selection four continues the retro-progressive approach with panoramic arps and fluttery textures descending over top of buoyant beats and another impressive array of vocal snips and nicely placed effects. 'Starbright' rounds out the EP in fine style with a stompy energetic feel from the start, evolving beautifully with symphonic synth swagger, spiralling arps and some gorgeous vocal elements, which not only leave a great vibe to close out the release, but should make for a great morning mood on the dance floor. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/3s0K9rN

Release Date: 09-08-2023

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