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Ramiro Rossotti – Ethereal Road EP [Magician On Duty]

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Magician On Duty returns following a three month hiatus with a brand new EP from Ramiro Rossotti. The Argentinean artist made his first appearance on the US imprint in March of last year with a contribution to the label’s critically acclaimed ‘You Are Music, We Are One’ collection. It was in fact Ramiro’s first ever release who then went on to record originals and remixes for Bercana Music and Submarine Vibes. Now embarking on his biggest project to date, Ramiro returns to Magician On Duty for a new EP alongside remixes from VieL, Valdovinos and Savvas.

Spread across three tracks Ramiro explores varied shades of deep, dreamy house. Beginning with a transcendent blend of melody and nature in the title cut it’s a stunning collection overall. A poignant piano theme sits wonderfully over a backdrop of playful bird motifs while a perfectly sculpted groove does just enough to command your attention but still sounds oh so pleasant. This leads nicely into the laid back beats and meditative chimes of ‘Baraka’. A piece which is both mesmerizing and beautiful in equal measure. Warm pads add a touch of nostalgia during the final act, which elevates the mood and perfectly sets up the third selection ‘Shadow Hills’. The nature theme continues, almost like a running story in a way, connecting the three pieces with this being perhaps the most emotive, as hopeful atmospheres and processed pianos converge for a creamy, melancholic collage.

The remixes do an excellent job of bumping up the energy just a touch, thus resulting in a different dynamic for the dance floor. First up Viel takes the title track ‘Ethereal Road’ into more percussive territory, anchored by a wealth of great rhythmic elements. Incredibly tasteful, the main theme resonates nicely throughout while cascading bass tones add mightily to the overall groove. Next up Valdovinos provides a gorgeous rendition of ‘Baraka’, shifting the tempo up to 122 BPM. The chimes become even more profound as they reach racey hypnotic levels throughout the first act before getting washed away in favour of a more rhythmic, chunky finale. The release concludes with Savvas providing his take on ‘Shadow Hills’. Although the tempo remains at 115 the dance floor sensibility comes up with punchier beats and thick slabs of perfectly sculpted bass. The meadoring vibe of the original gets expanded upon as well with cascading trails dominating a perfectly executed centrepiece. A lovely remix from Savvas which rounds out a stunning release from Magician On Duty, who continue to showcase some of the underground’s freshest deep house talent.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2Ktq1qM

Release Date: 29-06-2017

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