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Ramin Helvet – Moevre [Another Life Music]

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Another Life Music begins the new year by welcoming Ramin Helvet back to the label for a new single. The Swiss artist first appeared on the Swiss imprint in September of last year with the well received 'Xayaluna' single. His unique amalgamation of progressive house and melodic techno has also found a home on Elastic Dimension Records and Smart Phenomena Records. Now getting 2020 off to a great start Ramin lands back on Another Life with 'Moevre' alongside remixes from Kenshi Kamaro, Nir Yooz and Xiasou & Contribute Translation.

Leading the release off is the original mix which finds Ramin crafting a rich, character filled groove full of well sculpted hooks and acidic accents. What follows is a collage of effervescent arps, astral effects and growling synths. The standout element though is a band of hopeful atmospheres which rise to prominence during the main break. It's a moment of relief and serenity which perfectly sets up the return of that growling underbelly and ultimately a driving, euphoric finale.

The first interpretation of 'Moevre' is provided by label artist Kenshi Kamaro who returns for his fifth appearance. Upon making his Another Life debut with 'Davos' in May of last year, the Swiss artist went on to record two additional EPs and a remix for the Zurich based imprint across 2019. Now continuing this fruitful relationship Kenshi turns in a stellar rendition of 'Moevre' to begin 2020. Opting for a decidedly deeper and more spacey approach this is astral in the best sense of the word. Tough, billowing kicks, frayed percussion and ghostly atmospherics create a surreal environment. A band of vocal edits soon follows, almost chant-like but in a very indistinct and celestial delivery. Perhaps the standout element in the track, they make for a short but hugely memorable second act before ultimately reappearing during a spaced out conclusion.

Next up on the remixes and making his label debut is Nir Yooz. With just two previous releases courtesy of COOD, Nir is at the beginning of his electronic music journey, one that has been fuelled by a love for darker, progressive minded house. He continues to explore that ethos here with a heady interpretation of 'Moevre'. Powered by a robust and rippling foundation it builds thought a narrative of cosmic designs and otherworldly accents. A pensive break sits at the core of the piece, gently elevating mood and providing a sense of calm before eventually seguing into a rumbling third act.

Rounding out the release and providing the third and final interpretation of 'Moevre' is Xiasou & Contribute Translation. These sometime studio partners began their collaborative work in June of 2018 with a string of productions for Mystic Carousel Records. July of 2019 then marked their Another Life debut with a well received remix of 'Frozen Dreams' by label boss Bynomic. Now after rounding out 2019 with an EP for Electronic Tree, Xiasou & Contribute Translation turn in an excellent interpretation of 'Moevre'. Through distinctive design and spacey soundscapes the duo have carved out an excellent complement to the original. Astral sonics and heady effects play off each other wonderfully, while it’s tasteful low end and deeply compelling architecture root what is a hugely engaging journey. A stunning interpretation from Xiasou & Contribute Translation which caps off a great beginning to 2020 from Bynomic's Another Life Music. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2Q7Qo7R

Release Date: 05-01-2020

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