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Ramin Helvet – Higher Consciousness [Another Life Music]

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As the winter season draws closer Another Life Music welcomes Ramin Helvet back to the label with 'Higher Consciousness'. The Swiss artist has become a primary contributor to the Swiss imprint since making his debut in September of 2019. The Zurich resident has gone on to record two singles and a remix, while being showcased on the label's popular 'Summer Vibes 2020' and 'We Are Not Alone' collections. Now following a remix for Madloch's 3rd Avenue, Ramin returns to Another Life with a new single alongside remixes from Ricardo Piedra, Sean McClellan and Xiasou & Contribute Translation.

Continuing to sit in the creative space between progressive house and melodic techno, Ramin leans closer to the latter on 'Higher Consciousness'. Tight and rhythmic in all the right ways; fiery percussion, ethereal arps and astral sonics descend over tough beats and a punishing groove. A constant sense of tension rises across the first act, perfectly setting up a wave of placid pads which offer a sense of calm and emotion. Melting down across a short but well timed centrepiece, metallic trails and devilish motifs steal the air, as trippy effects drift across the foundation, before getting washed away in a wave of powerful beats and emerging atmospheres.

The first interpretation of 'Higher Consciousness' is provided by Ricardo Piedra who returns to the label for his second appearance. Having made his Another Life debut in August of this year with his well received 'Perdide' single, the Hungarian born, Finland based artist has also been a regular contributor to Balkan Connection, Bonzai Progressive and Stellar Fountain. Now returning to Another Life for his first remix Ricardo puts his own unique twist on 'Higher Consciousness'. Taking a cue from the original, the Tampere resident reshapes the groove into a muscular wall of pulsating bass, as clattering percussion and growling synths set the piece in motion. Cosmic effects and heady sonics play off each other across an exhilarating first act, before those hopeful pads descend over the framework for a magical ride into the main break. Elastic arps get lost in a trail of trippy artefacts as the centrepiece unfolds, perfectly shifting energy into a icy bridge and nostalgic third act.

Also returning to the label for his second appearance is Sean McClellan who provides the second interpretation of 'Higher Consciousness'. The US artist has been a fixture of the electronic underground for the better part of two decades, having showcased his music on Bedrock, Balkan Connection, Crossfade Sounds and Pro B Tech Music. Now following releases on JourneyDeep Records and ASTIR Recordings, the North Carolina resident returns to Another Life with an inspired take on 'Higher Consciousness'. The main themes get utilized beautifully, chopped and reprocessed, striking at opportune moments across the first act, as those glowing atmospheres set a gorgeous backdrop. Energetic and buoyant from the outset, the piece flows through percussive flurries and fluttery arps, elevating mood, before a short break serves to reset the groove for a driving finale.

Rounding out the release and providing the third and final interpretation of ‘Higher Consciousness’ is Xiasou & Contribute Translation. As collaborative partners for over two years, the duo have found a comfortable home on Another Life with this being their ninth appearance. Now as 2020 winds to a close Xiasou & Contribute Translation continue to build their creative synergy with a powerful interpretation of 'Higher Consciousness'. Remarkably fluid and techno inspired, it’s a mix that expands on the themes from the original, adding a distinctive vocal narrative which runs across a bed of crisp percussion and electric rhythms. The vocal theme resonates brightly; wonderfully offset with a growling underbelly of fresh effects and swing heavy rhythms. Concise at just over six minutes in length, a stripped second act adds further shine to vocal, upping tension for a spirited final movement. A unique and inspired take from Xiasou & Contribute Translation which caps off another excellent addition to Another Life's rapidly expanding catalog. Highly recommended.

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Release Date: 22-11-2020

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