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Rafa’EL – Life Goes On [Soundteller Records]

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Rafa'EL - Life Goes On [Soundteller Records]

Rafa'EL returns to Deersky's Soundteller Records this week with a brand new single.The Polish artist last appeared on the Polish imprint in January of this year with his 'Lightning Breath' single. Subsequent releases on Balkan Connection, ICONYC, Sound Avenue and Stellar Fountain have made for a great 2017. Now making a much anticipated return to Soundteller Rafa'EL presents his latest studio creation 'Life Goes On' alongside remixes from Christopher Fafa and Matias Chilano.

Rafa’EL has always had a knack for creating these playful, summery melodies. It not something he does on every track but 'Life Goes On’ certainly showcases those traits. It’s light, airy and full of positive vibes. Everything from its warm, rolling groove to charming melodies and subtle acid lines seem to work perfectly together and the flow is super smooth with timely drops and shifts in energy to keep the flow super interesting. A gorgeous pure progressive track from Rafa’EL.

First up on the remixes is Christopher Fafa makes his first appearance on Soundteller. The Greek artist has been a primary contributor to Sound Avenue’s 3rd Avenue division since making his debut there in 2015. His Soundteller debut has turned out wonderfully as he provides a gorgeous interpretation of ‘Life Goes On’. Christopher has used the primary themes but also added some intriguing elements of his own. The vocals are perhaps what stands out the most; quite ethereal and very emotive all at once, they complement the main melodic elements perfectly. Gorgeous remixes from Christopher.

The release concludes with Soundteller label artist Matias Chilano making his 17th appearance. It’s a big week for the Argentinean artist with the release of his ‘Sweeping’ EP also due out on Just Movement. Always a proficient remixer Matias delivers a deeper and dubbier rendition which complements the previous two versions perfectly. Silky smooth and full of strong rhythmic themes it’s a wonderful seven minute journey and as you would expect the atmospheric quality is second to none. A lovely remix from Matias which caps off another strong offering from Deersky's Soundteller Records. Highly recommended.

Buy: http://bit.ly/2yhuLda
Release Date: 16-10-2017

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