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R O N A – Lost in Space [MANTRA]

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With the release of her Above & Beyond 'Can't Sleep' cover highlighting the year, RONA continues on an upwards trajectory with a new single for her MANTRA imprint. 'Lost in Space' lands as a very significant track in RONA's discography, giving us a rare look into her inventive world. It's a sense of adventure and spirituality which fuels her creative process, and on 'Lost in Space' she navigates through different civilizations, star systems and states of consciousness, evoking a strong feeling of connectedness to space; one where her starseed nature finds pleiadians and aliens akin with similar phenotypes, peacefully transmitting messages for the earth's greater good.

As the progressive rhythms and flickering percussion of the original mix unfold, it's clear that RONA's craft must be taken to heart. Warm rippling basslines cleverly co-ax with punchy beats and thought-provoking vocals, as an epic collage of sonic energies takes shape. The Israeli artist allows the journey to build patiently, exploring all paths for its astral flavoured sonics, carrying the listener away on a cosmic pilgrimage to reconnect with feelings of hope, freedom and possibility. The worldly arc of both the melodic and vocal elements parallels the increasing depth of RONA's sonic palette, the latter of which is most impactful as she questions 'Are we going back to where we start?'. It's this starseed state of mind which resonates across RONA's lyrical content, furthering her cosmic nature during one of the piece's final and most thought-provoking moments, 'I recognize you are my soul star from my group of lights. We are seeds of light. Lost in space. Are we going back to where we start? Seeds of light.' It's this provocative narrative in combination with genuine musicality that finds RONA at her most dynamic, and most powerful. Meanwhile, the 'Club' Mix focuses firmly on the dance floor, expanding the running time to nine minutes and building its cosmic allure through greater drum depth, hypnagogic synth scapes and a less direct yet equally impactful vocal delivery.

The release concludes with djimboh making his label debut with the lone interpretation of 'Lost In Space'. Hailing from the UK, djimboh first emerged in 2019 with releases via Freegrant Music and Immersed. Quickly regarded for a sound that was both groovy and musical, the London resident continued to impress across the next two years, finding favour with a cross-section of the underground's premiere tastemakers, while adding top tier imprints such as Clubsonica, Mango Alley, The Soundgarden and TRYBESof to his resume. Always a creative remixer, djimboh now adds MANTRA to his resume with a poignant take on 'Lost in Space'. Opting for the emotive flavor on which he has built his career, the UK artist makes intelligent use of the vocal, while incorporating his own, uniquely distinctive quirks. Reshaped basslines flow through impassioned chord changes across the journey, as RONA's reprocessed wails steal the air, all set against a backdrop of colourful atmospheres and wispy effects that are sure to charm even the most discerning of dancefloors. Also included for the less vocally inclined is a dub version, which not only adds depth and variety but rounds out the release on a strong note.

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Release Date: 26-05-2023

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