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PIMI & Tomas Sanchez – High Rise EP [Mycelium]

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Founded by PIMI and Tomas Sanchez, Mycelium arrives in fine fashion with a much-anticipated EP from the label bosses themselves. Hailing from Colombia, Tomas Sanchez is a DJ and electronic music producer who has established himself as a benchmark on the Medellín scene. Arawak Records, ContraPaso, Hexagonal Music and more have been home to his cutting edge style, a sound in which he always seems to find a great club sensibility with. His music has achieved great acceptance on the dance floor due to his ability to fuse different genres and create a unique sound. Tomas has shared the booth with great artists such as: Matador, Pan Pot, NTO, Bog, Andres Campo, Becc, Hosh, Nastia, among many others, demonstrating his ability to connect with the public through an exquisite musical selection. Meanwhile, fellow countryman Juan Carlos Ortiz Pimienta aka PIMI has been an established DJ in his home country for some time. As a regular at Medellin's premiere venues, PIMI has won over the city's crowds with his unique selections and exquisite programming skills. An emerging production career has seen PIMI release his first projects across 2023's first quarter, with EPs landing courtesy of Onestar Records and Hexagonal Music. Now, unveiling the inaugural offering of their newly coined Mycelium imprint, PIMI and Tomas combine their extensive forces for a two-track showcase entitled 'High Rise'.

The title selection finds PIMI and Tomas masterfully synthesizing their talents in one singular progressive vision that is 'High Rise'. Replete with evolving, emotional and hypnotizing structures, the duo allows the listener to relish in the groove, building anticipation towards kaleidoscopic arps, flurries of percussion and emotive chord changes. Sitting at the heart of the track is a masterfully constructed break; a memorable interlude which builds tension and emotion as percolating arps and buzzing tones spearhead a thunderous drop and peak time style finale.

The companion piece 'Mindmelt' finds Tomas operating in solo capacity and delivering a robust slice of melodic house. Aptly titled, its sensory saturating effects blanket prophetic tones and clusters of claps, while muscular grooves and swing-heavy rhythms carve a path into the second of two breaks. Disorienting projections and pitch-bending effects dominate the break, perfectly building drama towards a tasteful crescendo and colourful atmospheric finale. It rounds out two stunning tracks from PIMI and Tomas Sanchez, capping off what is an auspicious start to Mycelium's impending audio travelogue. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/41Dcl0z

Release Date: 28-04-2023

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