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Pedro Capelossi – Supernova [Refraction Records]

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Pedro Capelossi's Refraction Records arrives in exciting fashion with a much anticipated EP from the label boss himself. The Brazilian born - Spaniard naturalized, Barcelona based artist has forged a distinctive sound which focuses on inventive use of atmosphere and rhythm, drawing the lines between global dance cultures without adhering to any fixed formula. First emerging in 2019, Pedro quickly established himself with a consistent stream of superlative releases via Hoomidaas, Seven Villas, Sound Avenue, Tales of Romance and The Soundgarden; in turn earning the praise of Eelke Kleijn, Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Pablo Bolívar and Powel, amongst others. A sparse but well-thought out release schedule has only made the love for his sound stronger and his new projects all the more anticipated. With Pedro's latest Hoomidaas vehicle 'Rainbow Road' opening his 2024 season, the Barcelona resident now unveils his flagship record label with a brand new EP entitled 'Supernova', alongside remixes from Pablo Bolivar & Nacho Sanchez, TM Shuffle and Anton Lanski.

Leading the release off is its title and showcase piece 'Supernova'. Built around a free-flowing breakbeat storyboard, Pedro works tonal motifs and warm swells with haunting atmospherics and granular textures. Haunting and timeless in equal measure, it makes for an enchanting eight-minute journey, which not only sits as one of the Brazilian's most introspective works to date but sets the tone for the label going forward. The companion piece 'Disruption' enters the 4x4 arena and finds Pedro composing with a strong sense of space. With each sound being an event in a slowly expanding landscape, zooming out to reveal a world of scale in which depth and contrast coax perfectly with rhythm and melody. This dubbed out late night excursion smoothly transfers energy from its dimly lit themes and retro-tinged bleeps, into a semi-conscious dreamland of icy overlays and orbiting effects.

Making their label debut with the first interpretation of 'Supernova' is Pablo Bolivar & Nacho Sanchez. Hailing from Spain, Pablo Bolivar has been a fixture of the deep house underground for the better part of two decades. Revered for his sultry grooves and organic design, the Cantabria resident and Seven Villas label boss channels languages of varied musical landscapes, churning them into his own complex rollercoaster of intricate dubbed out house and techno. Of late, fellow countryman Nacho Sanchez has been a frequent production partner of Pablo, bringing his Detroit/Berlin coax of deep elegant techno for a creative synergy which has found the duo thriving. Now, paired once again for their Refraction debut, Pablo and Nacho deliver a heady interpretation of 'Supernova'. While maintaining the elusive spirit of the original, the Spanish duo craft a sweeping sonic experience all their own, a transcendent journey into an wintry hinterland, where minimalistic grooves and submerged designs surface from their dubbed-out architecture, onwards to a finale meditative percussive arrangements.

The second and final interpretation of 'Supernova' is provided by the elusive TM Shuffle. Hailing from the forests of Ruutana, Finnish artist and Vuo Records boss TM Shuffle has risen out of his country's avant-garde music landscape with a deep, sometimes trippy blend of house and techno. With a sonic signature noted for punchy kick drums, filtered delays and rolling hi hats,TM Shuffle's 4AM moods have more than made their mark in and outside of electronic music's trendsetting confines. Continuing to survey his creative process,TM Shuffle gets 2024 underway with an immersive rendition of 'Supernova'. Striking a balance between supreme dynamics and off-kilter electronics, TM Shuffle takes the original's distinct percussive cadence and remodels it against waves of granular synth phrasing, all while percolating lines and timely atmospherics continue to deliver much-needed curveballs for the more adventurous selectors out there.

The release concludes with Anton Lanski making his label debut with the lone interpretation of 'Disruption'. Hailing from Russia, Anton's musical palate takes reference from a legion of deep, dub and atmospheric sounds across the industry's vast spectrum; creating an authentic voice that is discernibly his own. Leading labels Berg Audio, Crossfade Sounds, Limitation Music and Seven Villas have been primary homes for Anton, as he now adds Refraction to his resume, transforming 'Disruption' in his own unique essence. On a backbone of muted kick drums comes panning tonal themes and evolving percussive arrangements. Its subtle shades and buoyant cadence combined with a study framework make for a charming late night vibe, leaving you wanting to hear more as the inaugural Refraction release comes to a compelling conclusion.

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Release Date: 08-03-2023

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