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Oscar Vazquez & Pablo Muniz – Walking Over The Line [Mallam]

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The long awaited debut release from Pacco & Rudy B’s new Mallam imprint features a fresh collaboration from Oscar Vazquez & Pablo Muniz. There has been much talk of the Croatian duo launching their own imprint and the progressive underground has been eagerly anticipating it. Leaving no stone unturned there is also a massive selection of remixes from Rick Pier O’Neil, Berni Turletti and the label bosses themselves.

While Oscar has a long history and an impressive collection of discography credits, this is in fact Pablo’s first ever release and it’s a collaboration which has worked out incredibly well. Deep and enchanting from the outset an array of dark synth elements and mysterious vocals immediately grab your attention. As the percussion gets beefed up the electricity rises, making for a smooth yet exhilarating first act. The main break is short, keeping the rolling rhythms nicely intact all while introducing a spacey theme which ultimately makes for an astral sounding finale.

Calling in one of progressive house’s big guns on your first release is never a bad idea and Pacco and Rudy have done just that by putting Rick Pier O’Neil at the controls on the first remix. The French artist and RPO label boss brings his dark, chuggy sound to the track all while staying true to the main themes. The spacey synths and vocal elements trail through the first act as growling atmospheres eventually lead to a stripped down middle section. A wave of effects and sonic decay then shift the energy into a brief break before getting washed away for a more rhythmic conclusion.

Next up Berni Turletti follows up strong releases on Massive Harmony Records and PHW Elements with a great remix here. The Argentinean artist delivers a tough, spacey techno inspired interpretation which complements the others really well. Heavy effects and killer arps make for an intense journey, eventually peaking with emotive chord changes, before breaking down into a dramatic, tension filled break. Perfectly geared for peak time there is no shortage of audio candy on this one.

The release concludes with Mallum label bosses Pacco & Rudy B lending their own expertise to the track. The Croatian duo ups the tempo a touch for a pure progressive house feel with a chugging, energetic groove sitting comfortably at the foundation. The chord changes leading into the break bring plenty of emotion, setting the table perfectly for a dramatic build and mammoth drop to close the release out on a large note. Also nicely suited for peak time expect to be hearing this a lot in the coming months. A superb debut offering from Pacco & Rudy B’s Mallam imprint who are certainly a label to keep an eye on as 2018 moves forward. Highly Recommended.

Buy: http://bit.ly/2FRIK9L

Release Date: 19-03-2017

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