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Before Death is the new EP written and produced by the Madrid based artists OIBAF&WALLEN. The EP consists of 3 tracks, and is characterized by a slow tempo and soft percussion, which is a particularity of the melodic techno genre.

The first track, which has the same name as the EP title, catches the eye of the listener from the
beginning. The song has an atmospheric and hypnotic sound, which is generally specific to the songs written in minor scale, and evokes a state of melancholy and suspense to the audience. Before Death is a song that somehow reminds us of scenes from apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic scenario, where even though everything seems to be destroyed, there is still hope for a new life form or world to rise.

The second track is a remix of the first song, which is performed by the Munich based producer Julian Wassermann. The remix is marked by more uplifting rhythms, in comparison to the original song, which has a darker tone. The hypnotic sound and mysterious atmosphere are still preserved in the Wassermann’s remix.

The third song, Fragments is characterized by a spiritual and hypnotizing atmosphere, which reminds us of early trance. Overall, the EP is engaging and atmospheric, and it gives off somewhat calm and introspective vibes.

Buy: bit.ly/3ntmcnt
Release Date: 08-07-2022



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