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Nōpi – Flatter ft. Sarah Chilanti (Remixes) [Sound Avenue]

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Continuing a strong summer season, Madloch's Sound Avenue imprint presents new interpretations of Nopi's Flatter'. Originally released in October of 2020 as part of the Ukrainian's well received Where to Go' EP, the creation rounded out the collection on the strength of Sarah Chilanti's dreamy vocals and a delicate piano top line. Now bringing new life to the much loved track, Sound Avenue invites Dmitry Molosh, about:river and GastoM to provide their own interpretations for the summer season.

The first interpretation is provided by Dmitry Molosh who returns to the label for his fifth appearance. The Belarus based producer sits firmly in progressive music's elite class of artists, showcasing his work via Cid Inc's Replug Records, Hernan Cattaneo's Sudbeat Music, Nick Warren's Hope Recordings and Guy Mantzur's Plattenbank Records. As a mainstay in Beatport's sales charts, Dmitry now makes a welcome return to Sound Avenue with a powerful rendition of Flatter'. Beginning with warm beats and effervescent percussion, it's the pulsating nature of the groove which becomes instantly compelling. Driving, chunky and full of great character, it anchors what is a cosmic slice of progressive house. Emerging melodies marry luminous tones across the first act, before a break of clustered arps and colourful tonal tension spearheads an electric drop and epic finale.

Making their label debut and providing the second interpretation of Flatter' is about : river. The Estonian duo is a unique collaborative project between father and son. Their productions tell a dynamic and sometimes epic story that happens to be set in a dance-groove environment. Conceptualized by father Oleg in 2018, the following year saw his 12 year old son Ervin join the project. Initially, a clarinet and keyboard player, Ervin quickly became a committed member of the project, contributing not only to live performances but also in the creative process, writing the main themes of their musical creations. Now with releases via Proton's Particles and Nie Wieder Schlafen, about : river makes their Sound Avenue debut with a gorgeous take on Flatter'. From a deeper vision, the duo draws on the sensibilities of the original, utilizing Sarah's emotive vocals over a bed of organic breakbeats, exotic percussion and creamy pianos. Placid pads and whimsical arps emerge across the seven-minute excursion, setting the scene for a heartfelt conclusion.

Also making his label debut and providing the final interpretation of Flatter' is GastoM. Born in Mendoza and now based in Buenos Aires, the Argentinean artist fuses elements of organic and progressive house, along with live recordings of instruments and drums for a sound that is all his own. A recent remix of MartyOn and JörgK via label subsidiary 3rd Avenue has proved to be a discography highlight, immediately rising to the number one position in his Beatport best sellers just one month following the release. Now stepping up to parent label Sound Avenue, GastoM makes his debut on the much-loved Belgian imprint with a groovy interpretation of Flatter'. With a more traditional approach GastoM provides an excellent complement to the original, as spongy beats, radiant arps and clattering percussion unite for an ardent journey. Utilized beautifully, the vocal elements provide moments of warmth and reflection coming out of the break, putting your emotional sensors on high and pushing onwards to a heavenly finale. An inspired interpretation from the GastoM, which rounds out a welcome remix edition for Flatter' by Nopi ft Sarah Chilanti.

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Release Date: 23-08-2021

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