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Nicolas Soria – The Journey [Stellar Fountain]

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Stellar Fountain rounds out an excellent year with a new single from Nicolas Soria. Based in Argentina, Nicolas Soria made his Stellar Fountain debut in 2021 with the 'Double C' single. Backed by remixes from GastoM and Augusto Landucci, it was a project that would lead to two remixes for the Hungarian imprint across 2022, as well as well received outings for Bekool Records, Cigarette Music, Dreamers and Flug Lab. Now, rounding out the year, Nicolas returns to Stellar Fountain with 'The Journey', alongside remixes from Mauro Masi and Apocrypha (AR).

Much like his label debut 'Double C', Nicolas crafts a lovely organic piece with 'The Journey'. Warm beats and clattering percussion provide the backbone for balmy atmospheres and plush chord stabs to work their magic. A spirited vocal eventually emerges, adding depth and colour without being too overbearing, before eventually coming to full fruition during a gorgeous break and glowing finale.

Returning to the label for the first remix is Mauro Masi who is fresh off a collaboration with Nicolas, released via Fernando Ferreyra's Dreamers imprint in November. Here Mauro provides a sleeker, more streamlined take on 'The Journey' with buoyant grooves and radiant atmospheres conjuring up bucolic imagery. The vocal gets used beautifully during the main break, perfectly setting up a tastefully cosmic finale, one where effects play a primary role in the narrative, playing off the vocal with excellent results.

The release concludes with Apocrypha (AR) returning to the label for the second and final remix of 'The Journey'. With his 'Solstice' single landing in October amidst much praise, the Argentinean artist now provides his first remix for the label, taking 'The Journey' into emotive territory. The tempo comes up a touch here with a fuller groove only adding to its energetic swing, while the vocal elements get some nice edits and processing for a more ethereal quality. Ultimately though it's the track's nice balance between progressive and organic house which will likely win most DJs and dance floors over. A versatile version from Apocrypha (AR) to cap the release off in fine style. Highly recommended.

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Release Date: 23-12-2022

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