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Nicolas Soria – Double C [Stellar Fountain]

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Stellar Fountain welcomes Nicolas Soria to the label for his debut single 'Double C'. Hailing from Rio Grande, the Argentinean artist first came to our attention in 2020 with a release courtesy of Dynacom and Bodai's AMITABHA imprint. His deep, organic sound was quickly recognized by both fans of the genre and tastemaker DJs, landing him future projects via Cigarette Music, Flug Lab and pad records across 2021. Now adding Stellar Fountain to his resume, Nicolas debuts on the label with 'Double C', alongside remixes from GastoM and Augusto Landucci.

As the lines get further blurred between organic and progressive house, Nicolas finds a nice sweet spot between the two on 'Double C'. The low end is robust, powerful and full of great shape and character, while choir-like vocal pads and Mediterranean style motifs make for a colourful canopy above. The primary theme comes to full fruition during the break, with soulful strings marrying jangy hooks for a classy apex and playful finale.

One of this year's most pleasant surprises has been GastoM. Born in Mendoza but now based in Buenos Aires, the Argentinean artist has quickly built momentum with releases via 3rd Avenue, Cigarette Music, Sound Avenue and The Purr across 2021. Consistently finding a place in Beatport's Organic House charts, GastoM now makes his Stellar Fountain debut with a gorgeous rendition of 'Double C'. The tempo comes up a touch and the groove gets reworked with greater shape and undulation. The vocal elements while less distinct get utilzed beautifully, providing colour, depth and emotion at timely moments, while muted pianos and hazy harmonics make for a lovely break and lively final act.

The release concludes with Augusto Landucci also making his label debut and providing the second and final interpretation of 'Double C'. Although early into his journey as a producer, the Argentinean artist has already found a home on 3rd Avenue and Massive Harmony Records where his deep sound has flourished. Now presenting just his second production of year, Augusto debuts on Stellar Fountain with a beautiful take on 'Double C'. Nice drum detail, warm grooves and a nature inspired backdrop stand out immediately, perfectly setting the course for those impassioned vocal wails and luminous motifs to work their magic. Clocking in at nearly nine minutes it's most expansive version of the three and, with a heartfelt break sitting at the core of the track, it caps off the release on a reflective note. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/39yij9G

Release Date: 24-09-2021

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