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Nicolas Giordano – Constellations / Moderna [Stellar Fountain]

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Stellar Fountain enters the fall season by welcoming Nicolas Giordano back to the label for a new EP. With his label debut coming in early 2022 with a remix of 'Desai' by Mauro Masi and Julian Liander, Argentinean artist Nicolas Giordano would establish a bond with Stellar Fountain going forward. Now, a year and half on and the Buenos Aires resident has recorded an additional single and remix for the Hungarian imprint, while also notching releases for 3rd Avenue, EGR and Nordic Voyage. Now, following his latest vehicle for Jelly For The Babies' RYNTH, Nicolas returns to Stellar Fountain with 'Constellations / Moderna', alongside a remixes from Peshta Gora, Tommy Orellano and Bruno Andrada.

Track one 'Constellations' sets the tone for the release with a nice array of woody beats, deconstructed vocals and quirky stabs. Building smoothly with an oriental flair are a series of guitar motifs and further vocal evolution, both of which carry across the main break, before effortlessly segueing into a groovy finale. Meanwhile, 'Moderna' follows and picks up the pace with buoyant beats and chirpy electronics, the latter of which creates a unique lead theme to carry the track onwards to a mature, no frills conclusion.

Three remixes are also included on the release beginning with Peshta Gora who makes his label debut following releases for Amulanga, Bekool and Keyfound. The Russian artist reworks 'Constellations' in grand fashion adding beefier drums, dubbier tones and a gorgeous atmospheric quality which resonates across the mix.

The second and final interpretation of 'Constellations' is provided by label debutant Tommy Orellano who arrives off of impressive releases via AMITABHA, Cigarette Music, Nature Rec, Nordic Voyage and Songaura. The Argentinean artist utilizes the main elements really effectively but adds a heavier low end and denser percussive complement.

The release concludes with Bruno Andrada also making his label debut with the lone interpretation of 'Moderna'. Best known for his releases via Amulanga, Suprematic and The Soundgarden, Bruno makes an impressive first appearance on the label with a progressive minded rendition that delivers a huge bolt of energy through electric-sounding grooves, crunchy rhythms and emotive chord changes, the latter of which rounds out the EP on a feel good note. Highly recommended.

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Release Date: 13-10-2023

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