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Nico Morano & Tom Zeta – Futura [Atmosphere Records]

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The summer of 2022 looks very promising, the first festival season in a long time without any restrictions. This calls for a big celebration and we’re doing that by releasing 7 amazing songs. These tracks are carefully curated and selected by Nico Morano, a combination of upcoming talent and established artists.

Names such as Tom Zeta, Radeckt, Vini Pistori and of course Nico Morano are not new to Atmosphere Records. But the newcomers are a very worthy addition to our catalogue as well. They all delivered one by one masterpieces, bangers for the dancefloors and songs to dream away day or night.

Fahlberg’s ‘Lost In Hanoi’ is a psychedelic bomb of energy and pure melodies that take you to a galaxy far far away.

Dumming Dum takes it a notch deeper. A simple but highly effective bassline supports a playful chopped up vocal and a forceful synthline makes it the perfect dancefloor monster.

It’s not the first time that Tom Zeta and Nico Morano team up and as always the result is a match made in heaven. So is “Futura”, a track that will make any sunny dancefloor explode!

Radeckt can be considered as family. We’re always thrilled to work with him and we’re very happy to add him to our Summer 2022 compilation. Radeckt has a signature sound of clear-cut synthwork, exceptional drums and earwurm melodies.

The sound of Klaudius can be described as warm, full, harmonic and dreamy. His song Intervision is all of that and even more!

Patrick Krause is a new kid on the block but one to watch. Or to listen to… start with his gem ‘Changed’, a driving progressive house song full of warm layers of sounds.

Our Brazilian friend Vini Pistori has the honour to close this VA compilation in style! The slow paced bass and melodies are accompanied by oldschool percussion sounds and a melancholic vocal, it’s the perfect song for a memorable sunrise dancefloor moment.

Buy: bit.ly/3J40T5F
Release Date: 29-07-2022



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