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Naaika & Morttagua – Quiet and Cold [Timeless Moment]

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Morttagua is back to Timeless Moment with the brand new single "Quiet and Cold" in collaboration with UK Dj/producer Naaika.

Naaika is the brand new project of renowned trance dj/producer Decimel. Hailing from UK, Naaika focuses this new era in her career in deep melodic experimental music, fluctuating in the realms of chill electronica, deep house, progressive house and more.

Her first release in Timeless Moment sees a thriving collaboration with label Boss Morttagua in the title single "Quiet and Cold".

Quiet and Cold is a vocal track that brings the commercial and underground nuance together in perfect harmony. The soft female vocals echo a deep and mellow feeling together with lush pads, synths and introspective harmonies. A strong bass line, trademark of Morttagua sound, is pushed through evolving pluck melodies and superbly mixed sound design to bring Naaika right to the spotlight in the world stage.

A true vocal future classic to be remembered timelessly!

Buy: bit.ly/3QepUhP
Release Date: 17-06-2022



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