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Mononoid – Fate of Vision [ICONYC]

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Rounding out the month of September in style, John Johnson's ICONYC welcomes Mononoid back to the label for a new EP. Residing in the Netherlands, Andy Godderis and Igor Shumlyanskiy otherwise known as Mononoid have had a great year thus far. After capping off 2020 with an EP for Beatfreak Recordings, the Dutch duo began the year with a remix for Movement Recordings, before going on to deliver two more remixes for ICONYC in April and May. The US imprint has developed into somewhat of a home base for Mononoid who also lay claim to releases via Beat Boutique, Einmusika, Lost & Found and Stil Vor Talent. Now presenting their first original project of the year, the Dutch duo return to ICONYC with 'Fate of Vision'.

With much of progressive music leaning towards more organic sounds of late, it's nice to hear that Mononoid continues to stick to their harder edge sonic profile. The title track 'Fate of Vision' hits hard right out of the gate with muscular kicks and a forest of nicely manicured percussion. A warm, full groove provides big momentum as quirky details and bubbly effects add copious amounts of character. A more pronounced lead then sends the narrative into overdrive as poignant pads add further emotional depth leading into the break. The centrepiece serves to relieve tension a touch, and allows the poignant slant of the track to sink in a bit more. Igor and Andy wisely pull back here though and craft a menacing drop that's sure to light up your dance floor.

Equally impressive is the companion piece 'Eye for an Eye' which caps off the release with more cosmic brilliance. The percussion and overall design immediately stands out; crisp, detailed and sensory saturating, they set the course for aural enlightenment. An astral inspired lead soon blankets the framework at timely moments, marrying beautifully with ethereal vocal phrasing and arp-like cascades. It's a colourful amalgamation of sound which reaches a tasteful apex following a striking build coming out of a brief but impactful break. A perfect way to round out two productions which go down as some of Mononoid's most creative work to date, making for another excellent offering from ICONYC. Don't miss it.

Buy: https://bit.ly/3nTmjdm

Release Date: 24-09-2021

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