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Mononoid – Box Forest [ICONYC]

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On the cusp of their 100th release, John Johnson’s ICONYC imprint welcomes Mononoid back to the label for their debut EP. First conceptualized in 2011, Andy Godderis and Igor Shumlyanskiy make up the Mononoid production duo. A string of releases on Traum got their career off to a great start and their unique take on electronic music has since been showcased by Einmusika, Lost & Found and microCastle. The Netherlands based duo now return to ICONYC for their hugely anticipated debut EP entitled ‘Box Forest’.

Praised for their creative vision, Mononoid have crafted some of their best ever work across the EP’s three selections. On ‘Kronstadt’ Andy and Igor explore a cross pollinated style of progressive techno. Beginning with buoyant beats and a healthy percussive shuffle, it’s rhythmic core is immediately compelling. Mounds of swollen bass make up the foundation, adding warmth, drive and a heady hypnotic disposition. Icy pads and meditative motifs fill in the framework, before smooth chord changes push the emotive envelope towards a blissful apex.

The journey continues with the spacial grooves of the title selection ‘Box Forest’. A piece built around deep, pulsating swells and charming melodies. The first act develops in waves, paving the way for a short but highly effective break, transitioning the piece into wonky funk and broken percussive clusters, before hopeful overlays and radiant harmonies converge for an elegant finale.

Rounding out the release and thus completing the three track sound story is ‘Hinterland’. Immaculately contoured bass tones power the foundation, while gentle stabs, detailed percussion and clustered motifs add depth and mystery. Clocking in at eight minutes, it’s a dramatic break that shifts the mood, as a fuzzed out lead theme gives way to warm chord changes and timely drops for the ultimate dance floor experience.

In a year filled with memorable productions, Mononoid may have saved their best for ICONYC, with three tracks that are sure to make their mark as the summer festival season unfolds.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2rES7Df

Release Date: 09-07-2017

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