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Molac & Ilias Katelanos – Rumba del Sud [Musique de Lune]

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Continuing to add new talent to their roster, Musique de Lune welcomes Molac and Ilias Katelanos to the label for their debut EP. Based in Ecuador and Greece respectively, both Molac and Ilias have carved out a unique sonic identity in the world of electronic music and organic house, resulting in a string of uniquely crafted records that present a resonant worldly sound. The duo's combined discography is highlighted by releases via Akbal Music, Amulanga, Nordic Voyage, Peace Symphonies, Souksonic, Watergate and more, while the genre's trendsetters have been steadfast with support along the way. Now, combining their extensive forces, Molac and Ilias make their much anticipated Musique de Lune debut with 'Rumba del Sud', alongside a remix from JFR.

Selection one 'Le Rumba' comes from Molac and surely goes down as one of his best and most memorable tracks to date. Tight and punchy yet smooth and organic, it's thematic sounds are instantly compelling, playing out over layers of perfectly manicured percussion and shape-shifting harmonies. Coming to full fruition across the main break, it's a clever co-axing of sax and piano which ultimately makes the interlude so unique, and perfectly sets up a tastefully tweaked out finale. Also included are two remixes of 'La Rumba', the first of which comes from Musique de Lune label manager and Anjunadeep artist JFR. The Argentinean talent continues to impress here with a version that is already receiving play from organic tastemaker Sebastien Leger. JFR's consistently brilliant and fresh approach to melody has been noted by many, and once again shines across this eight-minute journey, but it's a radical revamp of the low-end which also adds to it's brilliance, making for a monumentally funky ride, while clever vocal edits and a carnival-inspired second act put a stamp on this sure fire dance floor bomb. Meanwhile, Ilias Katelanos also provides his own take on 'La Rumba', opting for more of a spacious feel without losing those distinctive musical motifs and also adding in more of an evolving panoramic mood throughout.

The second and final original 'Sud' finds Ilias delivering an equally inspired slice of organic house. The Greek artist continues his stylized ways with fresh percussive arrangements, choir-like overlays and supernatural effects creating a colourful path into the main break. Sitting comfortably in a musically inspired space, the Mediterranean-style theme breathes beautifully across the interlude, eventually breaking off into a smooth, vocal infused drop and charming, groove-centric finale. Rounding out the release with the lone interpretation of 'Sud' is Molac who comes correct with a concise rendition that makes great use of the original theme, while adding his own brand of quirky effects and swing heavy rhythms that should fare well on even the most astute dancefloors. Highly recommended.

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Release Date: 19-05-2023

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