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Mike Griego feat. Hyboid – Hypnotize [Afterglow]

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Afterglow continues a strong start to the year by welcoming Mike Griego to the label for his first appearance. Based in Buenos Aires, the Argentinean DJ and producer has carved out a unique place in the electronic underground. His exacting design, addictive grooves and avant-garde melodies have made for a transcendent sound that continues to unify dancefloors around the world. With a career that now approaches fifteen years and one hundred discography credits, Mike would have to be considered one of progressive music's elite artists, earning the praise of genre trendsetters Hernan Cattaneo, Lee Burridge and Nick Warren, among others. A meticulous discography reflects his choosy nature; with Replug, Sudbeat and Tale & Tone serving as the primary landing spots for his musical output. 2023 proved to be an impactful year for Mike, furthering his successes with the launch of his 'A Line In The Sand' imprint, a label which now not only serves as his primary home, but also offered up two of progressive music's most memorable releases of the year in 'Antidote' and 'Perfume'. Now, presenting his first project of 2024, Mike adds Afterglow to his resume with 'Hypnotize', alongside a remix from Sonic Union.

Beginning with the Original mix, Mike puts a firm focus on the dance floor which gives us an apt barometer of where his headspace is at. Opting to showcase a more emotive side of his repertoire, the Buenos Aires resident flexes his creative muscles here with a storyboard of unpredictable pitch-bending effects, Hyboid's timely vocal gates and a rhythmic section of detailed and highly danceable hypnotic structures; ultimately resulting in an aesthetic that is both hugely emotive and effortlessly cool. Some tracks serve a purpose within a set and do their job well, but the truly exceptional ones will hold a place in your memory for days, weeks and years to come; this is definitely the latter.

The release concludes with Sonic Union returning to the label for the lone interpretation of 'Hypnotize'. With four past appearances on Afterglow, it's safe to say the Swedish artist considers Afterglow a comfortable home, while also showcasing his productions via Late Night Music, Mango Alley and his own Lowbit Records imprint. In a year that has already seen Sonic Union remix 'Luna' by Kenan Savrun and Sinan Arsan, he now lends his production touch to 'Hypnotize' with stellar results. Opting for a dubbier, tougher and more groove-centric approach, Sonic Union aims squarely at a peak-hour dancefloor here, with rolling rhythms, phasing lines and a tripped out vocal deconstruction during the break which perfectly sets up a hair-raising finale; one that's complete with elasticized grooves and a downplayed take on the melody which is not only ideal for the astute connoisseur, but closes the release out on a feel good note. Highly recommended.

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Release Date: 01-03-2023

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