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Michelle Gurevich – Party Girl (Sainte Vie Remix) [Sainte Vie]

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Michelle Gurevich’s sensually dark track, Party Girl, is given a high energy twist in Sainte Vie’s newest remix. The original track’s gloomy mood that is emphasized by a deep guitar riff now offers contrast to the dynamic synths and powerful beat. Gurevich’s marvelous voice retains its mysterious quality as it glides like a spirit over the track, melding the darker elements of the original track with the vibrancy imbued by Sainte Vie. As the beat progresses and is charged with energy, Gurevich’s siren call becomes increasingly alluring, plunging the listener into a delightful trance. In the climaxes of the track, the lead synth, masterfully treated with an arpeggiator, offers its own cosmic melody to accompany Gurevich’s sensual invitation to party and experience the velvet darkness of night life.

Buy: https://www.beatport.com/release/party-girl-sainte-vie-remix/4367263
Release Date: 12-01-2023

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