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Mazayr – Hypnose de la Lune [Musique de Lune]

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Following on from their trailblazing debut, Musique de Lune welcomes Mazayr to the label for their second release. Manchester based producer Mazayr has been experimenting with electronic music for well over a decade. As a drummer in his youth, Mazayr's love for rhythm and groove eventually found its way into electronic music. After years of perfecting his craft the UK artist made his debut just eight months ago with a release via Magic Moment. Mazayr's emotive musicality and exotic, dance floor friendly grooves then caught the attention of Canopy Sounds, Cigarette Music and The Purr, which have served as landing for his transcendent sound going forward. Already a regular in Beatport's highly competitive and influential organic house charts, his most recent release 'A Place Of Wonder' (c/o Canopy Sounds) topped out at #2, while enjoying an extended stay in the Top 10. Now embarking on the most anticipated project of his young career, Mazayr adds Musique de Lune to his resume with a three-track showcase entitled 'Hypnose de la Lune'.

Opener ‘Hypnose de la Lune' is an apt barometer of where Mazayr's headspace is at, letting soulful synth phrasing blanket buoyant beats and a complement of dusty percussion. Mazayr’s instinctive ability to craft hopeful storyboards is reaffirmed with wispy effects and rhythmic fragments marrying beautifully, providing an engaging eight-minute journey that is equal parts colourful and emotive.

Moving forward and equally engaging are the laid back beats and heartrending themes of 'Antares'. A mesmerizing dance floor journey enhanced by Mediterranean-style sonics and whimsical lead themes. Its soulful nature seems to be something Mazayr relishes in, as the Manchester resident continues to flex his free-thinking muscles, and in turn nails that rare compositional balance of musicality and groove.

Continuing on a hopeful monochrome and rounding out the collection are the prophetic qualities of ‘Unbalanced’. Thoughtful and groovy in equal measure, it's a composition that further cements Mazayr's elusive vision, as playfully rhythmic beginnings morph into a colourful consciousness-expanding conversion of musical ideas. Much like its predecessors, it veers slightly left of centre in terms of traditional organic blueprints, avoiding overused nature themes and obvious musicality for something a bit more elusive. A much-needed dance floor curveball for the more adventurous selectors out there and an excellent production to cap off the release in fine style. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/3AhN3J8

Release Date: 26-08-2021

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