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Max Von Sternberg – 5am [New Tab Music]

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Max von Sternberg’s ‘Danger’ strikes softer chords with two delicate meditations that pay homage to the powerful feeling of interconnectedness electronic music can evoke.

‘Danger’ is an anthemic declaration of love to rave culture. Contemplative pads, a throbbing off-beat bassline, and melancholic stabs roll the credits on strobe-lit nights of togetherness and pure ecstasy.

With ‘5am’, Max conjures subtly evolving soundscapes that touch the furthest reaches of the soul. Artfully minimal and deeply introspective, the track’s soaring arpeggio draws the listener into a vast universe of unadulterated emotion.

‘Danger’ epitomizes the memories of pure elation we all carry. Gentle, soothing, and powerfully cathartic, Max’s third venture on New Tab channels his signature emotionality in its purest form.

Buy: www.beatport.com/release/danger/4115456
Release Date: 02-06-2023


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