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Mariano Mellino, Folgar & Gio Santi – Never Enough [Atlant]

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Argentinian maestro Mariano Mellino joins forces with Folgar and Gio Santi to craft an extraordinary musical journey titled "Never Enough." This dynamic collaboration merges their distinct talents to create a captivating fusion of sound. Drawing inspiration from the nostalgic vibes of 80s vocal Depeche Mode tracks, "Never Enough" introduces listeners to a mesmerizing dancefloor experience. The track pulsates with serious basslines that drive the rhythm forward, anchoring the composition with a powerful foundation. At the core of "Never Enough" are its infectious beats, meticulously crafted to keep the audience moving. The drums provide a rhythmic backbone that propels the track forward, while also infusing it with a sense of urgency and energy. Through their collaboration, Mariano Mellino, Folgar, and Gio Santi have created a truly unique piece of art that pushes the boundaries of electronic music. "Never Enough" is a testament to their collective creativity and passion, leaving listeners craving more with each captivating beat.

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Release Date: 22-03-2024

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