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Madloch – Secrets [Asymmetric Recordings]

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Madloch - Secrets [Asymmetric Recordings]

Madloch dishes out one of this best singles to date this week courtesy of Lonya’s Asymmetric Recordings. We last heard from the Belgian artist and Sound Avenue label boss in August with the release of his ‘Sagacity’ EP which earned praise from Hernan Cattaneo. Now making his much anticipated debut on Asymmetric, Madloch presents his latest single entitled ‘Secrets’ alongside remixes from Till Kruger and Maydan.

Many have noted a change in Madloch’s sound this year, something deeper and more impactful seems to be brewing in the Belgian’s studio. ‘Secrets’ is further proof of that with its smooth, meditative qualities and ghostly atmospherics. Mysterious and mystical from the outset, the piece flows through gaseous motifs and a plonky theme before a moment of serenity shifts the mood during a short, timely break. Definitely one for a late night dance floor and yet another piece in the evolution of Madloch's sound.

The first interpretation is provided by Till Kruger who is making his first appearance on the label. The German artist owns a tidy discography dating back to 2009, highlighted by releases on 200 Records and Seven Villas. Now fresh off a stunning EP on Quite Needless, Till provides a gorgeous rendition of ‘Secrets’. Aptly coined ‘Breakfast’ remix it’s a warm, glowing interpretation full of wonderful emotive motifs and a smooth cadence which makes it joy to listen to, no doubt perfect for a morning or daytime dance floor.

The release concludes with Maydan returning to the label for his ninth appearance. Also working as the Asymmetric A&R Maydan has also released on Dear Deer, Movement Recordings and Sudbeat. His borderless style is loved by many and here he puts a spacey, atmospheric twist on ‘Secrets’. From its deep, pulsating underbelly to frayed percussion and trailing effects it’s a seven and a half minute delight for the senses. The main break divides the story nicely with moments of drama and emotion setting up an exhilarating conclusion. Another well rounded and fresh sounding offering from Lonya's Asymmetric Recordings. Highly Recommended.

Buy: http://bit.ly/2A95xMr
Release Date: 27-11-2017

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