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Lumme & Miguel Lautaro – Rude Intention [Astral Records]

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Astral Records opens the month of September by welcoming Lumme and Miguel Lautaro to the label for their debut EP. Based in Switzerland, both Lumme and Miguel have achieved measurable success in their respective careers. Armed with a fresh production approach and distinctly cosmic sound, the duo's combined discography is highlighted by releases via Awen Records, Somatic Records and Univack. Now in the fourth year of their creative partnership, Lumme and Miguel continue on an upwards trajectory, making their Astral Records debut with a two-track showcase entitled 'Rude Intention'.

The title selection finds Lumme and Miguel calling upon the vocal talents of Kill Coco; who collectively craft an electric slice of melodic techno. Sitting on a modern astral perch, it's a marriage of tight manicured beats, swing heavy rhythms, and finely tuned percussion which set the course for Kill's ethereal vocal phrasing and razor-sharp synths to work their magic. Anthemic and energetic in equal measure, the duo lets the listener relish in the groove, as it tastefully cruises across the first movement, before a tense, arp-driven break reaches an exhilarating crescendo, perfectly cuing a drop of devilish synth swagger.

Continuing to push an astral narrative, it is 'Last Call' which rounds out the release in fine style. Here, the duo's meticulous design and darker monochromes conjure up dystopian visions, as buzzing motifs and pyrotechnic effects layer a bed of punishing beats and striking percussion. A series of percolating synths highlights the main break, bringing with it a hefty dose of electricity, further revealing the duo's creative attitude, before a finale of striking sonics breaks into a rich textural rain of melodic colour.

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Release Date: 01-09-2023

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