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Lugubre – Animah [Eat My Hat Music]

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Hailing from Lyon, the French artist has been releasing his brand of melodic techno since 2016. While Sheeva Records served as the vehicle for his debut releases, Lugubre has since gone on to showcase his music with Guava, Trak Mix and Esprits Croisés. A good portion of his music in recent years has been made available through free downloads, one most notably with Sweet Music. Now embarking on the most anticipated project of his career, Lugubre begins 2021 with his Eat My Hat debut 'Animah'.

Beginning with the title selection Lugubre explores his melodic techno roots with a dark and groovy creation that's sure to get your dance floor moving. Waves of rippling bass power the foundation while astral arps and buzzing effects surround the framework. Moving towards the main break, driving percussion and ethereal themes advance the narrative, perfectly setting up a captivating centrepiece that is both tense and emotive. Tasteful modulation creates an air of anticipation, before a flurry of drums sparks a commanding drop and powerful finale.

'Before The Storm' follows with a further lean towards astral techno territory. Dark and mystical from the outset, its rugged groove gets complemented with fiery percussion and electric rhythms. The journey shifts into emotive territory as smooth chord changes flow through the foundation, eventually melting down into a dramatic break. Cosmic arps, striking effects and timely bass swells make for an engaging interlude, perfectly setting up a heady final movement.

Rounding out the release is 'Blue Like Orange' which finds Lugubre exploring another unique amalgamation of progressive house and techno. Deeper and more emotive than its predecessors, it's growling low end and spacious framework provide the perfect foundation for a series of fluttery arps and poignant overlays to work their magic across the seven-minute journey. Reflective in mood, it puts the perfect cap on an outstanding Eat My Hat debut for Lugubre. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/3ivCWam

Release Date: 25-01-2021

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