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Lily Pita – Fly as You Wish / Superwoman [Strange Town Recordings]

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Lily Pita - Fly as You Wish / Superwoman [Strange Town Recordings]

Strange Town Recordings returns this week with a highly anticipated EP from Lily Pita. The Indonesian artist has had an incredible year highlighted by releases on Bedrock Records and Glasgow Underground. Now following a strong EP for ICONYC Lily makes her debut on Canada’s Strange Town Recordings with a two track EP alongside remixes from Riamiwo and Nicolas Rada.

In addition to having pristine production Lily is also incredibly creative and the lead track ‘Fly As You Wish’ proves to be one of her finest to date. Minimalistic in design, everything from the kick, groove and percussion are immaculately crafted and thus sit in a great sonic space. It breathes incredibly well with cascading arps and reflective synths sounding all the more impactful as a result. Definitely one that will find a place in your heart and on the dance floor. The companion piece ‘Superwoman’ comes in a touch deeper and more emotive. Backed by a sturdy groove and waves of clattering percussion it’s the melodic storyboard which is most captivating here; evolving slowly, with smooth shifts in energy and emotion before a final break seals it’s brilliance.

The lone interpretation of ‘Fly As You Wish’ is provided by Riamiwo who is making his debut on the label. The German artist owns a short but impressive discography highlighted by releases on Traum. Always a consistent remixer, Riamiwo’s melodic techno rendition of ‘Fly As You Wish’ does exactly as you would hope, complement the progressive minded original perfectly. It’s buzzing groove is immediately appealing as it ebbs and flows through timely modulation before a delicate arp and phasing atmospheres lift the emotion for a smooth, euphoric finale.

The release concludes with Nicolas Rada providing the lone interpretation of ‘Superwoman’. The Argentinean artist is also making his label debut after finding a home on BCSA and Balkan Connection. A staple in Beatport’s progressive house charts this year has seen Nicolas’ groovy sound become quite sought after. His ‘Superwoman’ interpretation looks set for a similar fate with its laid back, percussive approach. The lowered tempo opens up the groove tremendously while the main melodic theme gets presented in a softer more organic way. Gorgeous remix from Nicolas which rounds out another on the money release from Canada's Strange Town Recordings. Highly recommended.

Buy: http://bit.ly/2zLWCCP
Release Date: 20-11-2017

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