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Leandro Murua – Maca [Soundteller Records]

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Deersky’s Soundteller Records welcomes Leandro Murua back to the label for his second artist EP. Based in Cordoba, the Argentinean producer has compiled an impressive resume since first appearing in 2020 with standout releases via Droid9, Deepwibe Underground, One Of A Kind, YOMO Records and more. Soundteller has also been a recurring landing spot for Leandro, with five originals released since his label debut in 2021. Now making a welcome return to the label, Leandro follows his 'Bye Bye' EP from November of last year with a new artist showcase entitled 'Maca'.

First track ‘Anxiety’ continues the progressive sound for which Leandro has become known for. An array of cross-cultural motifs, heady effects and fragmented vocals make up the primary narrative, and what an immersive story it is as percussive arrangements build and hopeful pads emerge. Emotion reaches a peak across the second act as ghostly vocal pads blanket rolling drums, tastefully building energy and tension onwards to a cruising finale.

Meanwhile, selection two ‘Napoles’ comes with a bit more of a groovy dancefloor approach. Chunky basslines and clattering drums immediately stand out as the piece begins to build into a glowing slice of atmospheric progressive house. Shimmering pads and evolving textures carry nicely into the break where a heavenly vocal takes centrestage, carefully meandering through Mediterranean-style motifs for a balmy finale that would work amazingly well in the morning hours.

The release concludes with the title selection ‘Maca’ which lands with a similar vibe to it's predecessors. Chunky, percussive and undeniably melodic, its emotive chord changes and poignant vocal pads deliver a nostalgic vibe like much of Leandro's finest work. Texture and colour are the key here, the otherworldly vibe the melodies conjure up in combination with balmy atmospherics work amazingly well together and ultimately round out the release on a strong note. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/3nXcLQT

Release Date: 12-05-2023

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