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Kebin Van Reeken – Reborn / Dreaming [If You Wait]

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Chris Cargo's If You Wait returns, welcoming Kebin Van Reeken to the label for his debut EP. Hailing from the Netherlands but now based in Argentina, Kebin has played some of Buenos Aires' most well known venues such as Bahrein, Esvedra and Cocoliche. Balkan United, Awen Tales and his own Venture Records have been vehicles for his progressive sounds in recent years. Now stepping up for the most anticipated release of his career, Kebin lands on If You Wait with 'Reborn / Dreaming' alongside remixes from Juan Sapia and Rafa'EL & Tuxedo.

Beginning with 'Reborn' Kebin falls on his progressive roots with a nostalgic sounding creation. It's old school groove and spacious percussion leave the framework free for trailing effects and ghostly vocal wails to drift across. A spacey arp then advances the narrative as billowing synths and piano stabs highlight an emotive break and chugging finale. The companion piece ‘Dreaming’ continues that energetic flow with a driving, hypnotic narrative. A rolling low end sets the track in motion as buoyant themes and lively rhythms move through the framework. Much like it's predecessor, it's a narrative of piano stabs which highlights the main break, while fragmented vocals and sweeping effects provide a bridge into a stomping drop and charged third act.

The lone interpretation of 'Reborn' is provided by Rafa'EL & Tuxedo who both make their label debut. The Polish duo have been occasional studio partners in the past, having worked on projects for Electronic Tree, ICONYC and Stellar Fountain. Now making their first appearance on If You Wait, Rafa'EL and Tuxedo provide an inspired rendition of ‘Reborn’. Backed by a warm, rolling groove the duo’s detailed drum work and swing heavy rhythms quickly appease the senses. Cosmic effects add a flair for the dramatic, while vocal swells and wavy arps continue to drive momentum forward. Stripping down into the main break, a quite calm comes over the piece, gently building across the one minute interlude before ushering in a groovy finale.

Rounding out the release and providing the lone interpretation of 'Dreaming' Juan Sapia. Known for releases on Plattenbank and The Soundgarden, the Argentine crafts another smooth yet energetic progressive creation here. Engaging from the outset, its robust framework is well produced with fluid rhythms and hypnotic arps converging for a gorgeous free flowing story. Perfectly timed, the track’s centrepiece is tastefully trippy, as choir-like overlays elevate mood before a wave of noise summons the groove for a purring finale. A lovely remix from Juan which rounds out another must have release from Chris Cargo's If You Wait. Don't miss it.

Buy: https://bit.ly/335tB2h

Release Date: 23-11-2020

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