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Katrin Souza – Calm Before the Storm (Ampish Remix) [Yang]

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Ampish returns to Tripp Baronner's Yang imprint with a fresh take on Katrin Souza's 'Calm Before the Storm'. The Egyptian artist remains one of progressive music’s most talented producers and lays claim to releases on Cid Inc’s Replug Records, John 00 Fleming's JOOF Aura, Balkan Connection, Soundteller Records and his own Sidra imprint. Having made his Yang debut in November of 2018 with a remix of Hot TuneiK's 'Revival', Ampish now returns to the label with a stunning take on 'Calm Before the Storm'.

Sitting comfortably in the creative space between progressive house and melodic techno, Ampish crafts something that is both groovy and astral. A warm, well contoured groove and fiery percussion lay the foundation for a symphonic storyboard. Devilish and cosmic in equal measure, the lead motif delights across an exhilarating first act, before a set of timely breaks bends the narrative just enough to keep things lively without losing that amazing sense of flow. A powerful remix from Ampish who continues to impress as the year moves closer to it's second quarter. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/39XKZax

Release Date: 24-02-2020

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