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Julian Nates – Enjoy the Road [Massive Harmony Records]

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Julian Nates returns to Julian Rodriguez's Massive Harmony Records this week with ‘Enjoy The Road’. As one of Argentina’s most promising talents, the Cordoba resident also lays claim to releases on Nick Warren’s The Soundgarden and Antrim’s Or Two Strangers imprint. Having last appeared on Massive Harmony with a well received remix of Leandro Nieva's 'Enjoy The Road', Julian now returns for a new single alongside remixes from Radical Fantasy, Futur-E and Andrei Niconoff.

There are a handful for progressive house artists that have 'the sound of the moment' and Julian is definitely one of those. 'Enjoy The Road' is a perfect example with a fluid, liquid-like groove, redolent rhythms and charming emotional qualities. There's never anything overt motif wise and it's the melodic subtleties which always win you over. There are two intertwining themes here, both delicate yet vibrant, perfectly coming together for a stunning break and gorgeous finale.

The remixes take it somewhere a bit different which is nice because it would hard to improve on the original in a pure progressive context. First up Radical Fantasy opens up the groove and adds a more cosmic feel through arps and atmosphere. A remarkably spacious break proves to be both captivating and poignant as the one of the lead motifs beams brightly before organic drums usher in a smooth finale.

Progressive House scene veteran Futur-E serves up something a touch tougher and more energetic which sits as a lovely complement to it's predecessors. The tempo and drive come up while the main themes get reprocessed for a slightly more astral feel. The main break really makes the track though, melting down to an effervescent sizzle and wave of tension which perfectly sets up a powerful drop. There should be a massive dance floor reaction on this one.

The release concludes with Andrei Niconoff also taking 'Enjoy The Road' in a different and more funky direction. It's all about the groove here, perfectly contoured bass makes for a swing heavy cadence while textural drifts and icy pads lead nicely into the break. Tension and drama continue to rise here, through percussive rhythms and waves of noise, before eventually melting down into a driving final act. A great remix from Andrei which caps off an awesome release Julian Rodriguez's Massive Harmony Records, with the original mix being our pick of the bunch. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2KkZLyg

Release Date: 03-06-2019

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