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Juan Sapia & Hasith – Masana | Embrace [Clubsonica Records]

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The latest release from Clubsonica Records welcomes Juan Sapia back to the label for a new EP alongside Hasith who makes his label debut. Hailing from the progressive house hotbed of Argentina, Juan Sapia has been on a steady rise since first appearing in 2017. As a favourite of progressive music tastemakers Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren, the Buenos Aires resident has compiled an impressive resume, landing releases on top tier imprints such as Beat Boutique, Or Two Strangers and Sudbeat. Meanwhile, enjoying similar success is Sri Lankan talent Hasith. Now based in Oman and heading up the Serendeep imprint, Hasith has also had his music championed by Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren, with releases coming courtesy of onedotsixtwo, One Of A Kind and Stellar Fountain. Having collaborated once previously on a release for Mango Alley, Juan and Hasith now build on their creative synergy with 'Masana | Embrace', alongside remixes from Sean and Dee and Mariano Favre.

Beginning with 'Masana' you get a feel for just how strong the creative synergy between these two talents is. Featuring a dark progressive minded narrative, Juan and Hasith craft a foundation of tough beats, crunchy rhythms and devilish effects. Its robust low end is full of character and shape, positively charged and perfectly playing off the duo's shapeshifting electronics. Coming to full fruition during the main break, a haze of vivid harmonics and emerging pads unite for a rousing crescendo, perfectly setting up a finale of astral synths and metallic melodies. The companion piece 'Embrace' follows suit with its ominous yet exhilarating energy. Darker undertones power the undulating groove, while esoteric effects and timely tonal shifts should make for some epic dance floor moments. Playful arps lighten the mood across the first act, playing off a wave of buoyant rhythms leading into the main break. Tense and exciting in equal measure, the centrepiece melts down to a bed of colourful textures, paving the way for a finale that is both electric and emotive.

Providing the first interpretation of 'Masana' are Sean and Dee who make their label debut. The Italian duo have impressed since forming their partnership in 2017. Key releases on Beatfreak Recordings, FSOE, ICONYC and UV have established them as one of progressive music's most talented duos. Continuing what has been a prolific 2021, Sean and Dee now make their much anticipated Clubsonica debut with a powerful rendition of 'Masana'. Taking a cue from the original while adding a melodic techno state of mind, the duo carves out a muscular groove adorned with fiery sonics and charged rhythmic themes. Sweeping effects and crunchy arps push the momentum forward, before melting down into a cavernous break. Tension filled, the centrepiece is one of many highlights, with its cinematic flair and exhilarating build ending in a trail of sonic decay and commanding re-entry.

The second and final interpretation of 'Masana' is provided by Mariano Favre who returns to the label for his second appearance. With a career that now spans well over a decade, the Argentinean artist is a veteran of his country's electronic underground. Releases on Balkan Connection, Dopamine White and Perspectives Digital highlight his short but well-kept discography. Having made his Clubsonica debut with a contribution to the label's 'ADE 2020 Sampler', Mariano now returns with a rousing rendition of 'Masana'. Engaging from the outset, warm beats and meditative pulses converge for a sultry foundation, while crisp percussion and hazy overlays bring rhythm and texture to the groove. Building an engaging narrative, the main arp and sizzling underbelly segue smoothly into the main break, where the arp percolates amidst a rising wall of noise, before a rush of drums sparks an energy bridge into an epic finale. A powerful remix from Mariano which rounds out a must have collaborative project from Juan Sapia and Hasith. Don't miss it.

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Release Date: 18-06-2021

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