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Joono – Magnetism [Deepwibe Underground]

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The latest release from Deepwibe Underground welcomes Joono to the label for his debut EP. Since first appearing in February of this year with a remix on Early Origin, Joono has showcased his music on Balkan United and BC2. Now bringing his progressive minded sound to Deepwibe Underground, Joono continues a strong year with his 'Magnetism' EP.

Beginning with the title selection, Joono flexes the deeper, dubbier side of his studio repertoire. Rolling grooves, fluid harmonics and wispy atmospheres surround the percussive framework, as gentle chord stabs add momentum to the storyboard. An array of stellar effects keeps your senses heightened as it's hypnotic sensibility grows, before a quirky break resets the mood for a thumping, esoteric finale.

The second selection ‘Light Years Away’ is not only nicely titled but continues the ethos of the EP perfectly. Its warm, punchy beats and robust groove command a big presence at the outset, before tranquil themes and radiant synths quickly take you into hypnotic territory. Subtle modulation works perfectly during a trippy break, adding just enough tension to offset the the tranquil arps and dubbed out stabs, before eventually melting down to a bassy pulse and timely drop.

‘Mars’ rounds the release out and finds Joono crafting a percussive groover. Built around a chugging foundation it’s a spacey arp which eventually grabs a hold of you. Sleek and meditative, it blends what is essentially a nostalgic style groove with timeless elements. The main break furthers intrigue through undulating chord changes and pixie-like fragments, which not only provide a great emotional moment but also a smooth transition into a feel good final act. A perfect way to cap off three fresh and inspired cuts from Joono, who makes an excellent Deepwibe Underground debut here. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2GEejt4

Release Date: 19-10-2020

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